Cisco 7942G gets Stuck on Upgrade Screen!!

Cisco 7942G gets Stuck on Upgrade Screen!!

In my office we had 10 Cisco 7942G IP phones , One Phone’s that were useless as it’s  were stuck  on Upgrading screen while, I did an update and now every time it restarts or if I do a factory reset it goes to the upgrading screen gets and ip address and just sits there.
If I watch my tftp server it doesn’t get any requests from the phone. It was skinny… I updated to SIP 8.0.3… I just did it to my third phone and it works fine… So I know my firmware is good…
But the one phones I did before didn’t work…
Just stops at the “Upgrading” screen with the cisco logo and doesn’t do anything…  I did lot’s of research on Google, & Cisco forums but I didn’t get any luck. finaly when started constantly. I searched through Google and worked for a week continuously on that phone, and finally got them working. This is a difficult problem for those who are Upgrade  IP phones, so I would like to share a step by step procedure to get them working again.

Step 1

Get TFTP server software.  I prefer the Solarwinds TFTP server as it has worked for me. Install this on a workstation in your network.

Step 2

Now the important part comes: creating configuration files. I have searched a lot in Google for configuration files, but have not seen them together in one place, so I am putting the formats of those configuration files.

These are the files required.

1:- apps41.8-3-0-50.sbn

2:- cvm41sip.8-3-0-50.sbn

3:- dsp41.8-3-0-50.sbn

4:- jar41sip.8-3-0-50.sbn

5:- OS79XX.TXT

6:- SIP41.8-3-1S.loads

7:- P0S3-08-4-00.loads

8:- P0S3-08-4-00.sb2

9:- P003-08-4-00.bin

10:- P003-08-4-00.sbn

11: SEP001B2AC76B9A.cnf.xml (MAC address of the Cisco phone after SEP)
12:-SIP001B2AC76B9A.cnf (MAC address of the Cisco IP phone after SIP)

Step 3

Boot the phone and hold down the # key until the buttons cycle orange

3) press 3491672850*#

4) light the blue touch paper and stand well back

5) The phone will download the image from the tftp server and then the screen will go black for about 5 minutes before rebooting (interfering here may really brick your phone)

6) make sure the image has been uploaded by checking the tftp logs

also make sure you have your firmware files on the tftp server and that you have a dhcp server that is telling the phone what the tftp server’s address is.

Your phone will go black for a little while and it is completely normal. DO NOT UNPLUG IT. Just wait it out. Otherwise you will ruin the phone…


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